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Invite experts and influencers to create wishlists in minutes.


Unali TAG

You can install Unali in minutes using the tag manager of your choice. If you have experts or influencers and an accessible product feed, you're good to go. If you need help with influencers and/or you don’t have a product feed available, we can help too. 

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Connect your wishlist data to

your most used Distribution channels


Google analytics


Google ads


Google shopping


Mailchimp (soon)


Hubspot (soon)


Unali Ads

Unali is deeply integrated with Search engines and Advertising platforms. The wishlists generate a transformative data set. Download this data set as an XML and import it back into compatible search engines and ad platforms. 

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Unali CRM

- Coming soon -

The Unali wishlists can integrate with your CRM to create high impact social campaigns. Seize this opportunity to personalize email and sms promotion with social content.

Made for scale

Built with brains

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